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Ελληνικό ΠερίπτεροΈργαΚατάλογος

AKALYPTOS SKG The unknown city Rethinking the role of the ‘akalyptos’

Project by:

Anastasia Papadopoulou (40.22.ARCHITECTS) – dr. architect AUTh., MLA Landscape Architecture AUTh.,
Venetia Tsakalidou (40.22.ARCHITECTS) – dr. architect AUTh., Μ.Arch in architectural design, The Bartlett, U.C.L.,
Eleftheria Disli, architect AUTh.,
Ioannis Tsalikidis, professor School of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment AUTh.,
Pantelis Petridis, architect AUTh.,
Apostolos Kyriazis, assistant professor, Abu Dhabi University

AKALYPTOS SKG The unknown city Rethinking the role of the ‘akalyptos’

Η ομάδα AkalyptosSKG επινοεί έναν μηχανισμό ενεργοποίησης της ελληνικής πόλης και των κατοίκων της. Αποκαλύπτει μια “άγνωστη” πλευρά της πόλης και τη δυναμική της, σχεδιάζοντας μια ευέλικτη γειτονιά για την κοινότητα, με την κοινότητα.

Akalyptos SKG devises a mechanism to activate the Greek city and its inhabitants. It reveals an unknown side of the city and its potential, designing a flexible neighborhood with the community, for the community.


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