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What about Architecture and Shame? 21-27/11 Venice

Maria Kassola, Eirini Sapka

Conclusive Event at the Greek Pavilion - La Biennale di Venezia 2016
#############?WHAT ABOUT ARCHITECTURE AND SHAME?##############
###################LET’S TALK ABOUT SHAME####################

#ThisIsACo-op is hosting discussions, encounters and events in an amphitheatrical structure that serves
as a receptacle of dialogue and a symbol of participation and community. The Greek Pavilion is a
natural meeting place for architects, Associations, social movements and socially-minded individuals
from Greece and the international community seeking solutions to the common fronts engendered by
the crisis.
During the last week of the exhibition, the Greek participation #ThisIsACo-op, invites and is invited to a
synergy, syneleusis (assembly) and symbiosis with members of the group Architecture of Shame (AoS),
members of Biennale Urbana (BURB- that will accompany us to our events for the third time), with
architects and independent researchers, but also with inhabitants of the Case Rosse of Lido and ATER
in the Giudecca.
In a week of preparations and investigations that will begin from the Greek Pavilion on Monday 21
November, will be transported to Lido and Giudecca between 22-26 November, to return to the Greek
Pavilion for a conclusive event-discussion on the last day of the Biennale, on the 27 November, from
Taking as a starting point the Portugese Pavilion theme, in which the exhibition “Neighborhood – Where
Álvaro meets Aldo”, Alvaro Siza returns to the Giudecca to meet the inhabitants of the Campo di Marte
that he designed, the AoS team is conducting a parallel investigation on the previous inhabitants of
Campo di Marte, the people that used to live there, in labor building blocks in houses of 36m2, that
by being evinced as buildings of shame, were torn down, to give their place to other, more “decent”
housing. The inhabitants of those building blocks, were transferred to Lido, on the premise to return to
the new housing units, which did not happen.
AoS, is discussing with the now non-inhabitants of Giudecca, tracing through their memories, those
qualities of the architecture of shame, hypothesizing on that what is considered a shame on one epoch,
can become a model in another, and vice versa. What is the role of Architecture in this constructiondestruction
of identity? How much can narrating memories define a loss of the past as a common
good? What is the common good in the history of Campo di Marte in Giudecca?
Following the traces of the research, AoS, BURB and #ThisIsACo_op at the Greek Pavilion, are attempting
a passage inside and outside the fences of the Biennale, aiming to establish a relationship between the
social history of Venice with the themes that architecture itself has decided to put under a spotlight.
On Sunday 27 November, parallel to a presentation of the findings of the research on the subject
of Architecture and Shame, a discussion will take place, utilizing some examples from the Italian
experience, such as the Ospedale Al Mare of Lido, the Corviale in Rome, while from the Greek side, the
examples will be the “hiding the shame” of the refugee blocks in Alexandras street by a giant banner
for the Athens 2004 Olympics, in combination to the nearby Themidos Melathron, the high court built
on what used to be the known as Averof Prisons, while the relationship of Architecture and Shame will
be investigated through present inhabitants of City Plaza in Athens.
This year’s themes, surrounding the refugee crisis, the urban and architecture crisis, as well as the theme
of space as a common good, will be concluded, with Architecture as a Social Act in their center.

Monday 21 November
15:00-18:00 @Greek Pavillion, Giardini della Biennale
The question on the base of Architecture of Shame, is brought inside the Greek Pavilion, through an
intervention on the blackboards and printed material, on the visitor’s disposition, as an interactive
means of recording and research.
This action’s objective is to initiate the process of working/researching inside the city, whereby at the
interior of the pavilion it will meet one of it’s conclusive discussions on Sunday 27 November.

Tuesday 22 November
12:00 @Dorsoduro 3507
15:30- 17:30 @Lido
After a series of interviews and archival work, AoS and #ThisIsACo-op at the Greek Pavilion, return
to Lido to narrate the outcome of the research in an informal manner, to the protagonists of the
case study. The non Inhabitants are invited to return back to Giudecca for the brunch on the 26th

Wednesday 23/Thursday 24/Friday 25 November
11:00- 18:00 @Giudecca-Calle Mason
For two days, during the preparation of the presentation that will demonstrate a selection of the
research results, AoS, Burb and #ThisIsACo_op, initiate a course of informing the inhabitants on the
themes studied in depth through the “Research on the non Inhabitants”.

Saturday 26 November
11:00-17:00 @Giudecca-Calle Mason
During the lunch-hours, a table with simple food (also prepared by the local people) becomes the
place of encounter, between who used to live in the Giudecca and who lives there today.

Sunday 27 November
10:30-14:30 @Greek Pavilion- Giardini della Biennale
A polyphonic dialogue will recount this week’s experience, from the “Ιnvestigations on the Non
-inhabitants” in relation to the course of Biennale Urbana (BURB)- it will analyze the outcomes
concerning the relationship between the question that triggered the beginning of the path inside the
Greek Pavilion.
It will debate on the relationship through architecture and shame, by searching for common threads,
suitable declinations surrounding the theme. The projection of the video of the research, the linking
with the local and international active realities in Greece. The contribution of the visitors through
the blackboards and the printed material left on the Pavilion since Monday will attempt to create
a new research beginning for the Architecture of Shame team, that is looking towards Matera as its
forthcoming stop.

Ministry of Environment
& Energy
SADAS - PEA | Association of Greek Architects
Vryssakiou 15, Monastiraki, 10555 – Athens
Tel. 210 3215146 | Fax: 210 3215147
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
#ThisIsACo-op | Greek Pavilion, 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia
Exhibition duration | 28 May – 27 November 2016
Location | Giardini, Venice, Italy
Commissioner | Ministry of Environment and Energy, General Secretary of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, Eirini Klampatsea
Curator | Association of Greek Architects, SADAS-PEA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Press Office Contacts:
Tzina Sotiropoulou / Dafni Papadopoulou / Eirini-Dafni Sapka
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Monday 21 NOVEMBER 2016
Greek Pavilion-Giardini
-Andrea Curtoni (Biennale Urbana)
-Giulia Mazzorin (Biennale Urbana)
-Fabio Ciaravella (Architecture of Shame)
-Carmela Mimì Coviello (AoS)
-Cristina Amenta (AoS)
-Francesco Fontanella (architect)
-Maria Kassola for #ThisIsACo_op
Sunday 27 NOVEMBER
@ Greek Pavilion-Giardini, 10.30-14.30
Co-ordinators: Maria Kassola and Eirini-Dafni Sapka
Presentations (synergeia): 10.30- 12.15 (1h 45 minutes)
-Fabio Ciavarella (Αrchitecture of Shame) (45-50 minutes for the ΑοS group)
-Carmela Mimì Coviello (Αrchitecture of Shame)
-Cristina Amenta (Αrchitecture of Shame)
-Clara Cibrario Assereto (Αrchitecture of Shame)
-Giulia Mazzorin (Biennale Urbana) (8-10 minuti everyone else)
-Andrea Curtoni (Biennale Urbana)
-Francesco Fontanella (independent researcher-Architect)
-Sara Podetti (researcher- student)
-Eirini Sapka (Architect #ThisIsACo-op)
-Maria Kassola (Architect #ThisIsACo-op)
Discussion (syneleusis): 12.15-13.30 (45 minutes)
Brunch (synbiosis): 13.30-14.30 (60 minutes)
@ Casa della Resistenza-IVESER Giudecca,16.30-18.30
Presentation of the findings of the “Investigations on non-inhabitants” by AoS
with interventions by members of BURB and #ThisIsACo_op

What about Architecture and Shame? 21-27/11 Venice


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