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Towards an Alternative Proposal for the Hellinikon Area, June 25 Athens

Group of Architects for Hellinikon

Saturday 25 June 2016 from 14.00 to 20.00
Location: 2nd Elementary school (besides Hellinikon metro station-35th street), Athens (map follows)

Organisers: “Group of Architects for Hellinikon” | Fereniki Vatavali, Melpo Danou, Anna Karapa-Lavasa, Konstantinos Savvidis, Panos Totsikas, Natassa Tsironi


The “Group of Architects for Hellinikon» calls for participation in the activities of the ‘Urban Planning & Urban Design Working Group’ which will be formed during the proceedings of the “Workshop Towards an Alternative Proposals for the Hellinikon Area”.

Workshop objectives
With a view to the forthcoming completion of the concession process of the 6,200 ha area οf the former airport of Hellinikon and the Agios Kosmas waterfront, aiming at the real-estate development of the site, it should be noted that the “public consultation” provided by the law process has not taken place so far and the citizens’ and stakeholders’ comments on the master-plan of the developer have not been taken into consideration.

In this context, the objective of the Workshop is the immediate initiation of a public debate on this important issue, in order, on the one hand, to inform citizens and, on the other hand, to develop, through participatory processes, an alternative Master-Plan for the site of the former airport of Hellinikon, that deals with the public space as a “Common Good”.

Participants in the Workshop
The Workshop calls for participation to all groups and individual architects participants on behalf of Greece in the 15th Venice Biennale.
Professionals on the fields of urban and regional planning, geographers, lawyers, etc. are invited to participate in the Workshop as well.
The Workshop is also open to citizens that are interested in its topic.

Workshop Content and Working Group
In the first phase of the Workshop, the following will be presented:

The current legislative framework (Law 4062/2012) about the land uses and building regulations for the site of the former Greek airport and Ag. Kosmas beach that is currently in force.
The Article 11 of the Strategic Plan of Athens-Attica (Law 4277/2014) that is related to the site of Hellinikon.
The draft of the contract between the developer (Latsis Group etc) and HRADF, as well as the master-plan of the Foster+Partners architectural studio, as those have been presented by the media.
The respective proposal conducted by the “Urban Environment Laboratory” of NTUA.
Other proposals that have been developed as complementary to the proposal of NTUA.
In the second phase of the Workshop, a “Working Group” will be formed, which, through participatory processes, will elaborate a new proposal for the land uses and the building regulations, aiming at the development of a public Metropolitan Park at Hellinikon, with green areas, reuse of existing buildings with cultural, sport, educational and similar soft public uses.

Another aim of the Workshop will be elaborating a proposal for the establishment of a Management Body for the “Metropolitan Park of Hellinikon” and the series of activities that could be developed in situ.

Participation requires the physical presence and online participation will not be provided. If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The e-mail should include: full name, profession, e-mail address and telephone number.


UPDATE: Report + News

On the 25th of June 2016 a workshop entitled “Workshop for the elaborating of an alternative proposal for Helliniko – Former Airport” was held within the framework of the Greek participation of the Architects’ Association (SADAS-PEA) during the 15th Venice Architectural Biennale 2016.

As was stated in the invitation: “the aim of this workshop is the immediate beginning of a public debate aiming, on one hand, to draw residents’ attention and, on the other, to formulate, through a co-operative process, an Alternative Urban Proposal regarding the open space of the Former Athens Airport in which the public space will be considered as a ‘communal good’ “.

The participants of this workshop, organised by the team “Architects for Helliniko,” were in totally 25 Architects, Urban Designers, Spatial Planners, Environmentalists and other scientists from various disciplines as well as residents interested in this issue.

Among the participants was also SADAS-PEA President, Antonis Maounis, the former Mayor of Helliniko-Argiroupoli Council, Christos Kortzidis, Tasos Tastanis, member of Glyfada’s Council, Zoe Raikou, member of the Attica regional council, Nikos Chrisogelos former member of the European Parliament, representing the Greek Green party etc.

During the First Part of the Workshop a detailed presentation by the team “Architects for Helliniko” was held regarding:

– the current regulatory framework regarding land use and building regulations for the former airport in Helliniko district as well as the Agios Cosmas coastal area (Natassa Tsironi)

-Helliniko’s Privatisation Process and the investors’ plans (Panos Totsikas)

-Proposal of the Urban Environment Lab, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens regarding the Metropolitan Park at Helliniko (Fereniki Vatavali)

-“Self-managed Cultivated Field at Helliniko” (Anna Lavassa – Karapa)

-Conservation Proposal of the Urban Complex of the former American Base at Helliniko (Konstantinos Savvides)

In addition, topics listed below were also discussed:

-a proposal entitled “An Alternative Plan for the Productive Restructuring of the Coastal Zone, and the Ecological and Cultural Regeneration of Attica” (Eleni Portaliou)

-the assertions of the ” Committee fighting for the Metropolitan Park in Helliniko”

– elaborations of the initiative “A Park for everyone in Helliniko”

-additional proposals (Nikos Chrisogelos, Michalis Bourgos, Evangelia Dimitriou)

During the Second Part two simultaneous workshops were held regarding the elaboration of the proposals that were submitted for the Metropolitan Park and its management.

As a general conclusion Lamda Development’s Proposal was rejected. The discussion was expanded to the option of further elaboration of the proposal of the Urban Environment Lab, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens.

The following topics were also mentioned:

– green space in the park

– uses of the land in the park

-the importance of empty spaces in the urban fabric

– conservation of existing sub-unities of the space as well as an enhancement through planning so as to reuse them as organising structural elements for the Park.

-ensuring contact of Helliniko Council with the coastal zone.

– ensuring the Park functions as a social contact space for residents from nearby councils.

– ensuring the Park functions as a public social space for all residents of Athens.

– restoration of the continuity of the coastal zone.

– political aspect of the Park issue.

-The participants started searching a strong main concept for the planning of this important contemporary space that could also inspire the local community.

It was also pointed out that the space of the former airport together with the coastal zone shouldn’t be converted into a privatised space and further development should be banned. This open space should be open and accessible to everyone throughout its whole perimeter.

Regarding the maintenance of the new Park, a new public body must be created to work in close cooperation with representatives of the surrounding councils, as well as with scientists and representatives of the local residents.

In conclusion, according to the proposal of the “Group of Architects for Helliniko” a new “workgroup” will be formed in order to collect the views stated during the “Workshop” and will formulate an alternative proposal regarding the land uses, the building regulations, the managing public body of the former airport of Helliniko together with the coastal zone of Agios Cosmas.

OPEN CALL: Whoever is interested to be part of this “Workgroup” must send an email to Panos Totsikas at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Team Architects for Helliniko

Fereniki Vatavali, Melpo Danou, Anna Lavassa-Karapa, Konstantinos Savvides, Panos Totsikas, Natassa Tsironi

Towards an Alternative Proposal for the Hellinikon Area, June 25 Athens


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