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Peripherealities, June 10-12 Venice

PeripheRealities consists of a series of workshops, discussions and performances that take place at the GreekPavilion on 10-12 June 2016. Aiming to contribute to the central discussion “Peripheries” organised on 11 June 2016 by Aravena, the Greek participation of the Association of Greek Architects SADAS-PEA raises issues of participatory territorial and cultural phenomena, public space and citizenship in Greece and the South. With the participation of Al Borde, Biennale Urbana, S.O.M.A. and Università IUAV di Venezia.

Friday 10 June

Greek Pavilion, Giardini

11.00-12.15 pm
Architecture in an alternative economy context: An interview with Al Borde Arquitectos (Syneleusis)
The Al Borde Arquitectos collective (Pascual Gangotena, David Barragán, Marialuisa Borja & Esteban Benavides)from Ecuador is an experimental architectural practice operating within a community participatory context and outside the conventional economy. Interviewed by Nicholas Anastasopoulos (“Towards a Manifesto for a New Architecture” series, Anastasopoulos-Travlou, Interview #1).
Food and drinks (Symbiosis)

13.00 – 16.30
Discussion (Syneleusis)
Towards a Museum of the Commons: S.O.M.A. (Scattered Open Museum of Attica), Biennale Urbana
Collaborators of S.O.M.A. (Scattered Open Museum of Attica) and Biennale Urbana will discuss on the concept
of museums as ‘Commons’ and how territorial participatory design practices help incorporate and reflect the dynamic of a region, form a dynamic local archive, propose new ways of management, promotion and distribution of cultural products, with the collaboration of the local community and architects, urban planners, archaeologists, political scientists, museum specialists, curators, artists, anthropologists.
Panel discussion with Andrea Curtoni, Hariklia Hari, Alexandros Kioupkiolis, and Giulia Mazzorin.
Ex Ospedale al Mare,Teatro Marinoni
17.30 @Vaporetto station S. Maria Elisabetta, Lido
Visit (Symbiosis)
Visit to the abandoned Ospedale Al Mare where is located the Teatro Marinoni
Saturday 11 June

18.00, Serra dei Giardini
After the closing of the Biennale visit at the Archivio Nomade Stalker hosted by Microclima @ Serra dei Giardini

Sunday 12 June

Greek pavilion, Giardini

My public space: Agora, urban space and citizenship (Symbiosis)
Ideas about what is public and what is private have been put into a political perspective that involves positions on democracy and citizenship and a social perspective that discusses ideas of belonging and being with each other. In a forever transformed urban landscape that the economic and the refugee crisis have created, artists, architects, philosophers, urban planners and students will be gathering to discuss public space as political space, its role and function, the right to the city, art interventions and the idea of citizenship. The discussion will employ the format of the agora, with introductory speeches, shorter interventions, actions devised by the students and opportunities for various formats of participation and voting.
Coordinators: Angeliki Avgitidou, Marcello Balbo,Laura Fregolent and Simona Morini.
With the participation of students of the Philosophy course of the University IUAV; Gaia Redaelli (PAX-PATIOS de la Axerquía); Mohammed Salhi, Maria Del Pilar Sanchez (Comune di Venezia); Matelda Bottoni (Consulta per la casa) and Annita Koutsonanou.
Food and drinks (Symbiosis)

Reporting from Athens: Participatory Design Practices by Open Architecture Collaborative Athens and NonPlan Architectural lab
(Skype connection)
Regarding their concurrent actions in Athens and Attica, the groups Open Architecture Collaborative Athens and NonPlan Architectural Lab, will share with us participatory design practices in Kolonos sq and Vravrona archaeological site respectively. These ongoing projects are to be presented at the context of the Biennale in September 2016.

Participation through Skype connection
OAC Athens: Marissia Deligiorgi, Despoina Filippidou,Stefania Gyftopoulou, Georgia Kotsari, Chrysi Nikoloutsou, Asimina Paraskevopoulou, Mara Petra, Marilli Spiliadi, Konstantina Tossouni
NonPlan Architectural Lab: Zoi Kimbezi, Anastasia Papadopoulou, Eleni Petouri

Peripherealities, June 10-12 Venice


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