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“Challenging architecture on site of crisis” – The Proposal of the Greek Participation

The Proposal of the Greek Participation

Curator of the Greek National Pavilion: SADAS-PEA | Greek Architects Association
National Participation of Greece at the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016

“Challenging architecture on site of crisis”

Within the context of the social orientation of the theme of the 2016 Architectural Biennale in Venice, the Greek Participation comes to highlight the collective and participatory character of architecture in two ways. First it is organized and curated by the GreekArchitects Association, SADAS-PEA, which in turn invites, into an open participation, the whole body of the Greek Architects. Second it elaborates a theme which directly reflects the high concern of Greek architects focusing on the reconsideration of the actual discipline of architecture in the context of the current crisis as the latter is multiply experienced in our days.

The ‘News from Greece’ in a direct association with the actual Greek geographical front could have an impact not only on the mass-media but also on a wider international architectural community whose concern could be the real spatial relationships and borders. The crucial question is how Greece, at once a country in crisis and an international path/crossroad of population flows, should record and redefine architectural practice in relation to the new social and political conditions that arise nowadays. More specifically, how such a frame leads architects to discover and explore new possible proposals and design approaches within and against such forced conditions of social and spatial impoverishment and austerity.

Architectural practices are invited to invent, through collective work, new solutions and proposals that highlight the sense of locality and social networking. Issues like: the derelict city centers and neighborhoods, the severe devaluation of private and public spaces, the refugees and immigration crises, the violation over fundamental human rights such as the right for accommodation, as well as the urgency for creation of places of solidarity and collectivity for the homeless, all reveal unprecedented spatial conditions which should be demonstrated as well as resolved.

Pavilion and Exhibition
The exhibition of the Greek Pavilion will be the product of the collective work and cooperation amongst the groups of architects who will work under the given theme. In order to keep visitor’s interest active, the exhibition will include a series of workshops in situ, during the entire period of the Biennale. Also various activities such as discussions, shows and installations, are programmed to take place both in the interior and outside space of the Greek pavilion. These activities will be directly and continuously connected with real places of action in Greece.

Exhibition catalogue
The exhibition Catalogue will include a standard material but also it will be gradually enriched with material produced throughout the exhibition period. It will be an open archive in progress, documenting and keeping records of all the activities happening in time, in the context of a multi-disciplinary frame which this exhibition aspires to. Participating groups will produce brochures, websites and social networks, which will be eventually embodied to the main volume Catalogue.

Cover image: Mapping collective participation | Anthi Kosma

 Download mapping-collective-participation-2.pdf

“Challenging architecture on site of crisis” – The Proposal of the Greek Participation


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