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Preparations for the Greek participation in the Venice 2016 Biennale took place through an open participatory process which began right after the call of the Association of Greek architects in January of 2016, which attracted sixteen 200 word propositions. 

#The submitted proposals

A 17-member scientific committee which was during the first stage of works summarized the thematics that emerged out of the first round of proposals and produced a first positioning text of the Greek participation titled “Challenging architecture on site of crisis” Based on this, a second call for proposals was put forward which attracted 49 proposals.

#Second open call

From that point on the development process unfolded through horizontal methods of participation that took the form of assemblies and work meetings via the participants physical or virtual presence. These were open to the participation of those who submitted proposals and had expressed interest in participating in work groups. The meetings take place at the office of the association at 15 Vrisakiou and Kladou street, in the Monastiraki area of Athens. The live streaming of the meetings is available through our YouTube channel, while Skype connection is almost always available for those who cannot be physically present at sadas.biennale. Members were also updated on the development of works though reports published in our blog while the team’s dialogue was advanced through open participation in the mailing list/online forum. Based on the Pavilion‘s drawings which were available to the members, the participants developed various propositions which synthesized collectively a common exhibition proposition.

#Pavilion design proposals

The logo, title and trifold of the Greek Biennale participation were chosen by the voting of the 136 members of the team based on designs that were proposed by the members. In March six working teams were formed each focusing on one distinct aspect of the project, responsible for the catalogue, the graphics, the pavilion design, the press office and for organizing the events and the exhibited material.

#The exhibition catalogue

The exhibition catalogue was compiled after an open call to the members for submission of texts. These include theoretical contributions, design propositions, and descriptions of the collective actions that have taken place in Greece in the last years.

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